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In this modern society, women play multiple roles in their lives which leaves little or no time to look after or treat themselves. How many of us women are wives, partners, mothers, daughters and career women who are always on the go from the moment they wake up in the morning to when they finally get to rest their eyes after the rest of the family have gone to bed at night? It's no wonder they don't feel attractive and beautiful most of the time but how many of them feel bad when they do treat themselves? I bet the majority of them do! Are you one of them?
We all deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired - treat yourself, you’re worth it!

How many of you have heard the saying "It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, & to make your happiness a priority. It is necessary." And we all know that we can't love or take care of others unless we love and take care of ourselves so why not start today? Coming from the best beauty salon in Adelaide, Beauty by Hong treatments are suitable for everyone. If you 're struggling with any of the below, I have a solution for you!
  • Tired of using mascara that smudges or is impossible to remove?
  • Sick of using the eyelash curler which breaks and damages your natural lashes?
  • Sick of having fine sparse lashes?
  • Hate having long lashes that lack volume and point straight downwards?
  • Don't know how to apply the stick on false lashes or take forever trying to?
  • Waste hours trying to get the eyeliner right?
  • Sick of applying eye makeup that look like panda eyes by the end of the night?
  • Sick and tired and self conscience of your nonexistent eyebrows?
  • Waste too much time drawing in your eyebrows every day?
  • Too afraid to sweat it off at the gym or go swimming in fear that your drawn on eyebrows will rub off and you're left with no eyebrows?
If you've experienced any of the above, I can happily say that you no longer have to. I know how you feel! I was blessed with thick bushy eyebrows when I was born but sadly I over plucked my eyebrows throughout high school when the stick thin eyebrows were the in thing, and guess what? my eyebrows never grew back. Having my eyebrows tattooed was the best thing I've ever done! I no longer worry about my eyebrows which is fantastic because it's one less thing to fuss about. And this is just one of the things I can do for you!
I know that when you look good, you feel good. The treatments in my beauty salon in Adelaide will leave you feeling positive and full of self-confidence. Women who look and feel beautiful are more attractive, successful and happy.
We all deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired - treat yourself, you’re worth it!