Semi-Permanent Makeup

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You may have not considered doing semi-permanent makeup because you fear that it would look unnatural. However, semi-permanent makeup technology has evolved and improved immensely over the years and gone are the days of blocky dark solid brows that turn blue. There are now newer techniques that look as though your brows have been powdered in or actually mimic your brows natural hairs. Semi-permanent makeup is a good option for women and men, especially those who wish to look good with minimal effort on a daily basis. It is especially suitable to those who suffer from conditions like alopecia, allowing them to feel normal and provide them with a solution to having no brows.
What is Semi-permanent makeup?
Semi Permanent Makeup also known as Cosmetic Tattoo or Permanent Makeup has been around for a very long time but has taken the world by storm in recent years with new and improved techniques. Semi permanent makeup artists for cosmetic tattoo in Adelaide can now create natural looking brows that look as though your brows have been powdered in or create hair like strokes that mimic your brows natural hairs. Semi permanent makeup can also be used to enhance ones lash liner to create a more dense lash line and define the eyes without the need for eyeliner. With the latest in technology, techniques and hypo-allergic pigments, and microblading in Adelaide, you can rest assure that we can create the perfect brow or lash line enhancement for you!
Can I get Semi-Permanent Makeup?
Unfortunately, if you suffer from any of the conditions below or have had certain treatments, you are not suitable for semi-permanent makeup:
  • Cuts, bruises or sunburn on the affected area
  • Psoriasis, Eczema or skin irritations on the affected area
  • Prone to keloid scarring
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diabetic (Clearance can be obtain from your doctor)
  • Viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis C & B, Herpes
  • Suffer from Epilepsy
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Used Accutane in the past 6 months
  • Have had botox in the past 2 months
Can I draw/design my own brows?
For brow tattoo in Adelaide, I encourage clients to draw your own brows the way you would everyday as that is what you like and used to. Once drawn, I can measure and check for symmetry and or suggest a more suitable brow shape for you. For those who are unsure, I am more than happy to help design a suitable brow shape. A natural brow shape will always be recommended.
Can I choose my own brow colour?
Yes of course! I have a range of colours for you to choose from to match your natural brow colour or favourite brow powder/pencil.
Does it hurt?
This is a hard one to answer as everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some say it hurts but it’s bearable while others say it doesn't hurt at all. Some say that tweezing your eyebrows hurt more! There is always going to be a level of discomfort but this is minimised with the use of numbing agents.
How long does the procedure take?
I like to allow 2-3 hours for the procedure so that we can take our time to design your new brows and ensure that it is symmetric. This also gives us time to allow the numbing agent to work its magic.
Is a touch up/perfecting session required?
Yes, I highly recommend clients opted for feathering in Adelaide to come back for a perfecting session 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. This session gives myself and the client the opportunity to make any necessary minor adjustments to ensure that the brows are to the client’s satisfaction. Also, everyone heals and takes to pigment differently so a touch up will ensure the colour and healed result of brows/eyeliner is perfect.
How long does it last?
The exact length of time that semi-permanent makeup last varies and depends on skin type, lifestyle and exposure to the sun. To maximize the duration, please follow the after treatment care provided and try and always cover treated area when in the sun. To keep the colour vibrant, it is recommended that a touch up is done every 12-18 months.
Things to avoid before the procedure:
  • Medications such as Aspirin, Nurofen, Valtaren, Mobic, Naprosyn, Naprogesic, Warfarin, Vitamin E and Omega-3, fish oil supplements or garlic tablets (2 weeks before the procedure)
  • Tanning or sunbaking
  • Wax or tint eyebrows within 3 days before the procedure
  • Alcohol or caffeine the day of the procedure
After the procedure:
  • No water or steam on treated area for 24 hours after procedure.
  • Keep the area clean and sterile.
  • Apply a thin layer of the provided ointment 3 times a day for a period of 14 days.
  • Absolutely no cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for 14 days.
  • Don’t scratch, rub or pick at the area, let it heal on its own. Scabbing or dry skin are normal and a part of the process so let it heal naturally
  • Avoid sleeping on your face for as long as possible but specifically for at least 10 days.
  • Do not get any other treatments on or near the area such as botox, facials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for at least one month.
  • Avoid the sun for at least a month and if you can’t help it, always cover the treated area. After the healing is complete, always use sunscreen to prevent fading.
  • Avoid heavy sweating for 14 days.
  • No swimming in chlorine or in the ocean for 14 days or until the treated area has healed.
  • No Sauna or spa for 14 days or until the treated area has healed.
  • Do not use any Retin-A or Glycolic acids while healing
Additional care for eyeliner procedures:
  • Do not use eyelash curlers or mascara for a period of 10 days. When you resume using mascara, purchase a new tube.
  • If you wear contact lenses, we advise you to arrange transport home. The contacts should not be replaced for a minimum of two hours.
Failure to follow post procedure instructions may result in loss or discolouration of pigment.